7 Annoying Things About The Vikings Loss To Seattle

Gif: Sylvester the Cat

1. Manufactured Crowd Noise At “The NFL’s Loudest Stadium”

The CenturyLink Field has been called the NFL’s loudest stadium but it looks like they are artficially boosting that noise level by using a speaker system to pump in extra crowd noise.

These photos were taken on Monday night. Cheaters.

2. Russell Wilson All Mic’d Up

Was having to listen to Russell Wilson chatter all game long tremendously annoying, or what? One of the announcers called it a “Master Class.”


3. Can Colquitt Throw?

Photo: Britton Colquitt
Britton Colquitt. Photo courtesy Minnesota Vikings

There was a point during one of the Vikings punts when gunner Chris Boyd was lined out wide before the snap and there was no Seahawks player anywhere near him.

Boyd was waving his arm, trying to get punter Britton Colquitt‘s attention. Had Colquitt noticed, a quick snap and throw would’ve easily gained a first down.

That is, of course, assuming that Colquitt could complete the pass. He has had only one pass attempt in his career, in 2011 when he was with Denver, and it was an incompletion.

It also assumes that Boyd, a cornerback, has the ball skills to sucessfully make the catch…which, for a DB, is an iffy proposition.

While I would’ve loved to have seen it, perhaps discretion was the better part of valor.

4. Diggs #SMDH

I don’t know how many drops Stefon Diggs has had this year, but it seems like a lot.

He definitely dropped one he should’ve had against the Seahawks. And then there was the deflection he popped straight into the arms of a defender for a Seattle interception.

That’s two passes that should’ve been caught this year that he deflected for interceptions. (Seriously, why isn’t there an official statistic that assigns interceptions to the receiver, when it was their fault?)

And then there is his fumbling problem.

For a guy who threw a tantrum earlier in the year and is one of the Vikings star receivers (and certainly the most vocal), it’s not too much to ask for better production.

Especially during big games. He had a pretty underwhelming night against the Seahawks.

5. A Grown-Ass Man Named Booger

It’s not just Booger McFarlan. So many national NFL talking heads don’t know the basics about the teams they cover. Like that the Minneapolis Miracle actually went in the Vikings favor.

6. No Quick Snaps For Vikings

Just like the Vikings never seem to take advantage of free plays, why oh why do the Vikings never seem to be able to execute a quick snap after a play that is likely to be contested?

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7. The Defense

Obviously. But I kinda covered that already by giving the deflated game ball to Xavier Rhodes for his abysmal performance.